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Is My Campus Safe?

Colleges and Universities are required by law to report specific crime data and information on an annual basis, and make this information publicly available to parents and students.  However, in some instances these official reports lack specific details or context on security and safety issues . Read our latest articles and learn more about how you can fully evaluate the security situation on your child's campus.

Campus Security: Questions Parent Should Ask
Campus Security: Questions Parent Should Ask When you and your child visit those college campuses that he or she is interested in attending, your child is going to be focused on what classes are available and the other activities they can take part in. . . . keep reading
Is My Child's College Campus Safe?
Is My Child's College Campus Safe? Whenever there is a murder on or near a college campus security becomes a highly discussed issue. New interest is taken in how colleges can be made safer and what steps can be taken to avoid the reoccurrence of tragedies . . . keep reading
Campus Security: Questions All Parents Should Ask
Campus Security: Questions All Parents Should Ask There is nothing more unsettling for parents than hearing that crime is taking place anywhere around their kids. This is one of the main reasons parents and their students do everything they can to select the right college to attend. . . . keep reading
Campus Security Departments: What They Won't Tell You!
Campus Security Departments: What They Won't Tell You! We send our kids off to college expecting great adventures for them, not to mention a good education. What we don't expect is that they could be in serious danger while away at school. . . . keep reading
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